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Exercises are about more than satisfying grant requirements. They are an effective and cost-efficient way to validate your emergency plans, identify areas for improvement, and solicit feedback from those who will be executing your plans. As experts in Homeland Security Exercise and Evaluation Program (HSEEP) methodologies, GP Strategies helps government and private enterprises conduct various types of exercises to increase all-hazards prevention, preparedness, response, and recovery:

  • Workshops and seminars—To formulate or discuss your existing plan
  • Tabletop exercises—To intensely evaluate your plan in the face of a realistic emergency
  • Functional exercises—To aid participants in simulating a response to a scenario, including decision-making skills, usually in a time-sensitive environment
  • Full-scale exercises—To guide and observe participants while responding to a scenario in a real-world setting—complete with "victims" and realistic settings

Raise your standards with a standards setter in exercises.

GP Strategies is not satisfied with merely meeting baseline requirements. As professionals who come from first responder backgrounds, we want to know that we have left you better prepared to protect your people, state, community, and infrastructure in the face of an emergency. In fact, our team is so involved in creating effective exercises that some of our members have helped to develop standards that the entire industry follows.

All GP Strategies exercises are designed to address the specific needs of each jurisdiction. We can focus on specific threats, like pandemics and bioterrorism; specialized areas such as law enforcement, agroterrorism, and schools; and on particular issues, like mitigation or continuity of operations/continuity of government (COOP/COG). We do not attempt to modify existing scenarios for use in multiple areas. Instead, we work with your planning team to identify objectives and build scenarios that are based on the specific threats and vulnerabilities your community faces. You can count on GP Strategies for:

  • Strong partnerships to get to the root of your needs and develop solutions that truly serve your best interests
  • Follow-on services, such as training and planning, to ensure that recommended process improvements are achieved
  • Compliance with applicable grant requirements, local goals, and integration with DHS Target Capabilities and Universal Task Lists

Settle for nothing less than GP Strategies’ depth of experience.

GP Strategies has conducted exercises for thousands of first responders, hospital and health department personnel, private and public agricultural entities, and elected officials. A few examples of our experience with exercise programs include the following:

  • Managed a three-year comprehensive exercise partnership with the State of Tennessee, Office of Homeland Security to deliver 36 tabletop and full-scale exercises, including Law Enforcement/Terrorism Prevention, CBRNE Response and Recovery, Agroterrorism, and Continuity of Government/Continuity of Operations exercises
  • Delivered bioterrorism tabletop exercises for the states of Tennessee, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Arkansas, North Carolina, and New York
  • Facilitated a bioterrorism full-scale exercise for a county in Florida
  • Conducted WMD tabletop exercises for EPA Chemical Emergency Preparedness and Prevention Conferences
  • Provided Point of Distribution (POD) and Strategic National Stockpile (SNS) exercises for Tennessee, Massachusetts, and Maryland
  • Delivered pandemic flu tabletop exercises for the states of Tennessee, North Dakota, Florida, Iowa, and New York
  • Delivered a statewide pandemic flu functional exercise for the state of Maryland
  • Conducted full-scale exercises to support the TALON Exercise Program in the State of Arkansas
  • Provided Fixed Nuclear Facility (FNF) exercise support for the Susquehanna Nuclear Power Station in Pennsylvania
  • Delivered functional exercises for the space program in Texas and Florida
  • Implemented tabletop and functional exercises to support school system planning in Brevard and Pinellas Counties, Florida
  • Conducted tabletop, functional and full-scale exercises to support Urban Area Security Initiative (UASI) efforts in Tampa Bay, Florida
  • Provided preparatory exercises for TOPOFF 3 in the State of New Jersey
  • Delivered FEMA hurricane preparedness tabletop exercises for Regions I and III
  • Implemented Tactical Interoperability Communications Program (TICP) full-scale exercises for the US Department of Homeland Security in the Cities of Tampa, Nashville, Pittsburgh, Miami, Norwalk, Twin Cities, and the States of Rhode Island and South Carolina. Also provided Phase I management support
  • Provided Terrorism Prevention Exercise Program (TPEP) development support for the US Department of Homeland Security and Phase II management support
  • Provided full-scale exercise support to sports and entertainment venues including Raymond James Stadium in Tampa Bay, FL; PNC Park in Pittsburgh, PA; AT&T Park in San Francisco, CA; Busch Gardens in Tampa Bay, FL; Mall of America in Minneapolis, MN

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