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Whether you are a commercial or government organization, having a comprehensive emergency management plan can help mitigate the effects of disaster on your people, resources, infrastructure, and bottom line. Even if you feel your risk is low, having a plan in place boosts your confidence in your ability to respond to emergencies. It helps protect your assets, and instill confidence and security in the people who depend on you.

At GP Strategies, we take a great deal of pride in the services we offer. Most of our experts come from community service and first responder backgrounds. We’ve lived through many of the hazards we plan for, and we know what an emergency looks like, making us highly qualified to help you plan for it. We can also serve any needs you may have in the future for training, exercises, staff augmentation, and more. For us, homeland security is our passion, not just a business opportunity.

Develop a plan that works well within your community.

Whether you’re planning for a jurisdiction or an organization, it is critical to your preparedness success that strategic and operational planning be accomplished and implemented through direct collaboration with other stakeholders in the greater community. It is also key that planning efforts be consistent, compatible, and cooperative with other local, regional, state, and federal protocols and standards. From vulnerability assessments and continuity of operations plans, to , all-hazards plans and those that address specific threats—such as pandemic and bioterrorism—GP Strategies takes a customized approach based on the latest industry or government guidance and standards. We tailor our services to your organization, infrastructure, and concerns, keeping collaboration with other community stakeholders in mind.

Take advantage of well-honed planning methodologies.

GP Strategies has the skills and knowledge to help you identify gaps and opportunities for improvement in your current plan, as well as to develop new plans from the ground up. Our comprehensive emergency planning toolkit includes the following:

  • Plan for planning—GP Strategies works with you to develop a planning process that meets your goals, builds agreement on the end results, and incorporates stakeholder input.
  • Assessment—GP Strategies helps you identify and rank current natural and technological hazards, assess the risks those hazards pose, and develop an inventory of public and private response capabilities needed to respond to and recover from identified risks.
  • Smart planning—GP Strategies assists in the development of a homeland security or emergency management plan that is based on state-of-the-art guidance including the Target Capabilities List, National Preparedness Goal, and related standards such as NFPA 1600. We help ensure your plan meets or exceeds all applicable requirements, institutionalizes existing procedures that work well, and provides recommended best practices to address the identified hazards. We also ensure your plans integrate and synchronize with other local, state, regional, and national preparedness programs and activities to strengthen capabilities and preparedness at all levels.
  • Practice: train, exercise, and evaluate—Once developed, training on the plan (including all of its integrated parts and annexes) is critical. Exercising the plan and its stakeholders must further be accomplished in a building-block approach in order to identify gaps, missing parts, and the capability needs of affected personnel, agencies, and jurisdictions. GP Strategies will design and implement a training, exercise, and corrective action program that builds continuous learning and improvement into the planning process. This ensures that the plan is useful and effective since it must be utilized and implemented by the intended responders.

Access comprehensive planning services.

GP Strategies can help you develop, revise, or improve plans within a broad range of disciplines, including:

Count on GP Strategies for EMAP services.

If your state or community is Emergency Management Accreditation Program (EMAP) certified, you may qualify for special government funds to strengthen your all-hazards emergency management efforts. Participation in the program is strictly voluntary, but it provides a valuable assessment of your current prevention, preparedness, response, and recovery plans in addition to the supplemental resources.

GP Strategies is well versed in EMAP requirements and can boost your accreditation readiness by assessing your current plans, identifying gaps, and making recommendations for improvement. We can further support you by demonstrating your preparedness via exercises and implementation of improvement plans to train key staff to meet their emergency responsibilities. With GP Strategies on your team, you will be well prepared to receive your EMAP accreditation.

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